Independence means we can take the long view

As we own our own business, our clients can trust that we are really working for them.

We simply put our clients’ interests first and focus on investing to meet their objectives.

Our clients value the stability and clarity of purpose that this brings.

Keeping it simple in a world of complexity

We have a focused business and investment offering which means we can offer our clients a personal service.  

From individuals through to family offices and charities, our service is always led by one of our experienced investment team. We work closely with our clients and their advisors to protect and grow their wealth for the future.

We only offer a discretionary service. Our two core investment strategies target returns of inflation +3% or +4% over the long term.

Leaves in a thought bubble

Investing takes balance and judgement

Fostering a culture that values and rewards teamwork means that our clients benefit from the diverse perspectives, different skills and experience in our team. 

Investing with a long-term mindset takes judgement. We think it is just as important to reflect and to learn, as it is to nurture ideas, innovation and excellence.

With our inquiring minds and different perspectives, we continuously balance opportunities and potential risks, asking varied questions of ourselves and others to make sure our clients’ wealth is preserved for the future.