Investing doesn’t need to be complicated

We invest in great businesses, with strong and predictable characteristics, that are built to last. 

These companies offer products and services that will remain in demand for the foreseeable future, regardless of the economic backdrop. This allows us to grow our clients’ assets by more than inflation over the long term. 

We call this ‘real return investing’.

A focused investment approach,
with a wide perspective

Ideas without limits

We harness knowledge and insights from many different sources to uncover great ideas. Our thinking is not constrained by index benchmarks, geographies or anything else.
Resisting short-term fads and market noise, we look for enduring structural trends and then find companies which will benefit from that change.

Perspective on risk

We understand what investment risk means to our clients – the potential for permanent capital loss – and we manage this all the way through our philosophy and approach.

Integrated sustainability

Environmental, social and governance factors are fundamental to every decision we make. This is because we recognise there is an inextricable link between business risks and wider environmental and social risks over the long-term. As our clients invest with a long time horizon, we look for specific characteristics that will make companies durable over decades.

No stone unturned

Successful long-term investing takes judgement. It is a balance of our different skills and experience which enables us to identify great investment opportunities. We continuously question and learn, rigorously analysing opportunities and leaving no stone unturned.

Relationships matter

As long-term investors, we take the time to understand each business in which we invest. Through open and constructive dialogue, we seek to build lasting relationships with management to support the company’s ongoing success.

Taking care of your future

When we buy shares in companies, we become business owners. We have an opportunity and a responsibility to contribute to the long-term success of these businesses, taking the time to understand and support their strategy.

Stewardship activities are not something we outsource. They are undertaken by our investment team who are knowledgeable and familiar with each business.

To find out more about our stewardship activities, please read our latest policies and reports.

Signatory of PRI - Principles for Responsible Investment
CDP Investor Signatory
Illustration of a factory emitting leaves instead of smoke

Responsibility in business 

Preserving and growing wealth for future generations goes hand-in-hand with preserving the world around us. We recognise that environmental, social and business risks are inextricably linked – by tackling the wider issues, we help to eliminate those closer to home.

This outlook informs how we manage our own business. It is by understanding and mitigating risks that we support our long-term success and the success of those around us. 

To us, it just makes sense to be a good business.