Building our clients’ wealth for the future

For over two decades, we have been guided by a culture of partnership and a common sense investment philosophy.

This serves one purpose: to protect and grow our clients’ wealth for the future.

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Investing to meet our clients’ real objectives

We have a clear idea of why our clients need to invest. It is to protect their assets against inflation and preserve their wealth for the future.


Lasting relationships built on trust

All of our relationships are built on clear accountability. Our clients speak directly to the decision makers, the same team that owns our business.


Documents and reports for our funds

Protea Funds
TM Veritas Equity Strategy

Inquiring minds, different perspectives


Responsibility in business

Our role in business making the world a better place for everyone.

Taking care of your future

Responsibility in business


Seeing the wood
for the trees

Our take on what matters in today’s ever changing world.

Ideas, insights and inklings

Recognition for our success


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